Open Faced Mini Sandwiches

One of my favourite lunches to make is a little platter of open faced sandwiches. They look very cute on a cutting board all stacked up. When entertaining, they are great during cocktail time, served as appetizers. Another plus to these mini sandwiches is that it can be mixed up every time. You can do half of one meat and cheese (i.e. beef and havarti cheese) and another half a different meat and cheese (i.e. turkey and marble cheese). You can omit the pickles and add tomato, or add your favourite sandwich toppings. After all, it is your kitchen and you’re the boss of it. The one’s pictured are monetary cheese, chicken slices and pickle.



1 baguette of crusty bread


cheese (of your choice) sliced

meat (of your choice) sliced


Begin by cutting the baguette into slices. Once the bread is all sliced, spread mayonnaise on one side of the bread (if you do not like mayonnaise, you can simply omit it or change the spread to something you like such as hummus). Next, add a slice of meat and cheese onto the bread (if the meat or slice is too big for the bread, simply cut it in half). Add the pickles (or any other veggie topping of your choice) and place on a platter to enjoy.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as my loved ones do!

Note: It is hard to give exact measurements for this recipe as each meat and cheese can vary in size. Personally, I used about 10-12 slices of meat and about 4 slices of cheese. The meat was sliced very thin and was small while the cheese were larger in size which I had to cut into three pieces.


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