Roasted Veggie & Cheese Quesdilla

Mexican food! It is one of my favourite types of cuisine, from tacos to nachos. Its all a party in my mouth. Not only is Mexico a popular destination trip for me (bless the sun, and the hot temperatures there), it also has some wicked wicked food. So it’s no surprise I would eventually add some Mexican recipes on the blog. (Disclaimer; I am not Mexican, nor do I actually authentically know how to make any Mexican dishes, the recipes are my take on the dishes).

Fun fact: Where I stay in Mexico (Huatulco), they think limes are the same as lemons.


One of my all time favourite weeknight meals (or lunches) are these roasted veggies and cheese quesadillas. They are so quick to make, and are a great way to use up any veggies you might have. See what I like to do is make a large pan sheet of roasted veggies that I have on hand, and use this all week long or until I run out. Problem is, you get bored eating a side of roasted veggies all the time, so this recipe is perfect solution to using them up. So go ahead and make these and you will not be disappointed.

Makes one generous serving, or two servings as an appetizer.



1 cup-1/2 cup shredded cheese of your choice (I prefer the tex mex one)

2 small tortillas

1/4 cup roasted veggies

Salsa, sour cream, guacamole (optional)


  1. On medium heat, place one tortilla on a pan large enough to fight the tortilla
  2. Add half of the shredded cheese and all of the roasted veggies. Spread so evenly distributed.
  3. Add the remaining shredded cheese and spread evenly. Place the second tortilla on top.
  4. Cook until the cheese is melted (about 2 mins) and flip to melt the cheese on the other side (another 2 mins).
  5.  Allow to cool, and cut into desirable sizes.
  6.  Serve with salsa, chipotle sauce, sour cream or any of you favourite quesadilla toppings and enjoy!

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