Matcha Tea Latte

Sometimes that 2 pm tiredness hits you all of the sudden, and you are craving that caffeine hit just to get you through the day. Or maybe you are looking to rotate your coffee regime and try something new. I suggest making this matcha tea latte. Perfect pick me up and great alternative to your morning lattes. I have found myself recently making these matcha tea lattes in the afternoon to give me the energy I need. They are not hard to make, and they can be swapped easily for what you have on hand.

2 small servings or 1 normal size / 5 mins prep time / 5 mins total time


2 tsp matcha green tea powder

½ cup milk (ie; oat milk, almond, cow’s milk)

Sweetener (ie; maple syrup, sugar, honey, vanilla syrup), optional (I usually use one pump of sugar free vanilla syrup bought at my local Starbucks or a tsp of maple syrup)

2 tbsp boiled water


In a small bowl, add the matcha tea, boiled water and sweetener. Using a matcha whisk, whisk in an up and down motion or side to side until frothed, about 30 seconds. If you don’t have a matcha whisk, a normal whisk will do just fine.

In a milk frother add the milk and froth until desired frothiness, about 1 minute for me. I have a nespresso milk frother and just use that. But if you don’t have a frother you can just heat your milk until warm.

In a mug, add the frothed matcha and pour the frothed milk on top and enjoy!

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